October 8

5 Prayer Requests for Every Parent


Our children are so precious to us. They have been given to us by God, and we have the weight of this incredible stewardship upon our shoulders.

It’s so important that we spend time praying for them each day. We must earnestly bring them before the throne of grace, and ask God for His wisdom and help as we direct their heart toward Him.

I was talking to a parent just the other day. He told me, now that his children are older, how much he prayers for them to get their hearts right with God. He said that he wished he would have spent time praying for his children when they were small. How we miss these opportunities, and if we are not careful, those small children will be married and gone before we know it.

Every time we pray for our children, we are seeking God’s counsel. What should we be asking God, when it comes to our children?

Notice a couple of thoughts today.

Pray for Their Salvation

This must be our most earnest prayer.

Paul told Timothy that from a child he had known the holy Scriptures, that were able to make him wise unto Salvation. It is so important to keep planting those eternal seeds of God’s Word into the hearts of our children.

It is our responsibility as parents, to ensure that our children hear God’s message of Salvation.

We need to pray that the message takes root in their hearts and that they place their faith in Christ at a young age.

I believe that our first ministry begins in the home with our children. Let’s be faithfully praying and preaching until they are in the fold.

Pray for Wisdom

It’s no secret that our world is a wicked and ungodly place. Yet, there are many occasions in the Bible where godly children ascended out of some pretty ungodly societies. It’s a blessing to my heart when I read about Noah and his family. His sons, and their love for God and their father. What a blessing that their entire family entered into the ark, and that Noah’s children believed the message of their father.

We need God’s wisdom to help us raise our children in a world that’s so backward. We need to pray that our children can see the emptiness that this world has to offer and that they hear the message that we preach and live.

Pray for a Godly Spouse

I have seen firsthand the difference a godly spouse can make in someone’s life. When a Christian marries someone that isn’t saved, not only are they disobeying God, but they are also impacting their relationship with Christ in a negative way. When a couple gets married, they become one flesh. But if their other half doesn’t care about God or His Word, it’s really hard for the other half to follow and obey the Lord.

Love is blind, and Christians make bad decisions based on the attraction they have toward another. It doesn’t even have to be someone unsaved, it could be someone that just isn’t living for God.

This is so important, and if your children are small, you should be praying now that they marry right.

Pray that your child marries someone that will help them exalt the name of Jesus, and follow God’s will for their life.

Pray for Spiritual Excitment

Pray that your child develops a spiritual excitement for the things of God.

There are things that are better caught than taught. I believe that a spiritual excitement can be placed in that category.

So, I guess this is more of a prayer that we would be more excited in the work of God, and that our children catch that excitement.

We don’t want our children to live their life thinking that serving the Lord is a burden. We want them to truly enjoy and feel blessed to love Jesus and give Him their life.

Pray for True Happiness and Success

The world’s idea of success is far from a storybook ending. It leaves an individual empty and never satisfied. True happiness for every believer is doing the eternal will of God.

This must be our prayer for our children. That they will find God’s will for their life and follow it to its fullest degree. Finding fulfillment and happiness in life is what most of this world will never know.

It’s doing God’s work and allowing Christ to be our everything.


Take time and ask God to meet your needs as a parent, and the needs of your child. Be patient, be consistent, be loving, but most of all be a needy parent that understands that we need God’s help every day.


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