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The Good Solider Devotional Journal Canva Template


My Daily Journal is a perfect way to organize your daily devotions.

All you have to do is purchase my Good Solider Daily Journal Canva Template, edit it, download it, print it off as many times as you want. You can use it personally or make it available for people in your church.

You can also create a binder with all your entries so you can track God’s work in your life.

The Good Solider Devotional Journal is a Canva Template that helps you organize your daily devotionals. You can download this template, edit it and print if off.

It begins with a daily Proverb to give you wisdom for whatever comes your way throughout the day. Just begin with the Proverb that matches the day of the month, you can record it using the journal.

Next, record what God has shown you in His Word. Read through the Bible each day and record what God is teaching you: a command to obey, a sin to forsake, a promise to claim or a principle for your life.

You can add other Scriptures that support what God is teaching you.

You’ll also notice a place for prayer requests and what category each prayer request falls under.

On the second page, you’ll notice a place to record what God is teaching you through others. You can record sermon notes, lessons from a book or talking to other people.

You’ll also find a place for counting your blessings and an area to record Spirit lead to-do’s which could be talking to someone or whatever the Holy Spirit has lead you to do that day.


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